Hiroshi Oda

Gastprofessor, Prof. Dr.

Kontakt: Martina Mittermayer (Sekretariat)

Professor Hiroshi Oda is a consultant in relation to Russia, CIS and Japanese law at Herbert Smith. He graduated from Tokyo University and held a Chair in Soviet Law until 1990, when he was appointed the Sir Ernest Satow Professor of Japanese Law at the University of London (UCL). He is also a professor of the College d'Europe (Bruges) and is a Japanese representative at the ICC Court of Arbitration in Paris. Professor Oda is a qualified attorney in Japan and has been advising on the Sakhalin I project since 1991. He is the author of Japanese Law (second edition: Oxford University Press, 2001) and Russian Commercial Law (second edition, Martinus Nijhoff, 2007). In Winter term he held a lecture about
International Legal Aspects of Japanese Commercial and Business Law in the framework of the Elective Field of Spezialization "Law of International Relations".