Commentary on General International Law in International Investment Law

On 28th and 29th of April, Univ.-Prof. Michael Waibel (University of Vienna) and PD Dr. Andreas Kulick (University of Potsdam) will chair a conference on the Tagung „Commentary on General International Law in International Investment Law“ in the Juridicum’s top floor.

Issues of general public international law are the bread and butter of international investment law and arbitration. Interpretation, termination or provisional application of treaties, attribution of conduct, circumstances precluding wrongfulness or reparation and remedies: General international law permeates investment law and arbitration and is of pivotal importance in nearly every single investment dispute. Even beyond treaty law and state responsibility, matters such as state succession or state immunity are of considerable relevance, not least at the enforcement level. Additionally, recourse to standards and principles such as the international minimum standard of treatment is frequent in investment arbitration practice.

Beyond practice, in theory and doctrine, the relevance of general international law in international investment law poses questions as to their relationship and as to whether and to what extent interpretation and application of general international law rules and principles aligns with or deviates from – and should align with or deviate from – their interpretation and application in other areas of international law.

To discuss these important and topical issues, both renowned scholars and experienced practitioners will participate at the conference and contribute to a productive and valuable discourse.