Former Team Members

Mag. Isabella E. Brunner, BA, Researcher and Lecturer, 2019-2021
United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime

Mag. Matthias Edtmayer, LL.M. (LSE), Researcher and Lecturer, 2019-2021
Federal Ministry for European and International Affairs

Mag. Florian Ettmayer, LL.M. (Cantab.), Researcher and Lecturer, 2019-2021
Judge in Training (OLG Wien)

Mag. Tensin Studer, Researcher and Lecturer, 2019-2020
Trainee at the European Parliament

William Obiagwu, Student Assistant, 2020

Valentina Bender, Student Assistant, 2020

Hannah Grandits, Student Assistant, 2020

Anna Morandini, Student Assistant, 2020

Peter Behyl, Student Assistant, 2020

Verena Gattinger, Student Assistant, 2020-21

Livia Hoskovec, Student Assistant, 2020-21

Peter Behyl, Student Assistant 2021