Conference on Standars of Investment Protection

On Friday 21 September 2007 the Section of International Law and International Relations of the University Vienna hosted a Conference on Standards of Investment Protection. It brought together a group of distinguished academics and practitioners in the field of investment arbitration who analysed the way how the standards routinely included in numerous BITs and other international investment agreements are actually applied. The speakers were Christoph Schreuer (University of Vienna), who introduced the overall theme of the Conference, Anna Joubin-Bret (UNCTAD, Geneva) who spoke on Admission Standards, Andrea K. Bjorklund (University of California Davis) discussing National Treatment, Andreas Ziegler (Université de Lausanne) on MFN Treatment, Veijo Heiskanen (Lalive and Partners, Geneva) on Arbitrary and Unreasonable Measures, Catherine Yannaca-Small (OECD, Paris) who analysed Fair and Equitable Treatment, Giuditta Cordero Moss (University of Oslo) who looked into Full Protection and Security, Anne K. Hoffmann (Python & Peter, Geneva) dealing with Indirect Expropriation, August Reinisch (University of Vienna) on the Legality of Expropriations, and Thomas Wälde (University of Dundee) who discussed Transfers.

The Conference took place on the top floor of the Juridicum, the University's Law building, and was sponsored by the Austrian Science Fund (FWF).